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Posted on Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 12:42 PM

Congratulations to the Class of 2015! We are very proud of each of you and wish you all much success in the future.



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International Boarding Academy

We would like to extend a special welcome to all students on behalf of Pennsylvania International Academy (PIA). We are the exclusive Boarding and Student Service provider for Mercyhurst Preparatory School.

(Mercyhurst Preparatory School Sky view)
Mercyhurst Prep is a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence founded in 1926.  In addition, the school is the only private school in Northwest Pennsylvania offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) program with over 30 years of (IB) experience. 

(PIA Residence Hall, Front Entrance)

Our Residence Hall, with clean fresh air, is open all year (24/7), which makes us stand out as one of the top residential facilities in the United States.  We have organized activities scheduled every day. Our Student Ambassadors provide nurturing, stability and concern for each individual. We seek to show kindness and make sure each student's needs are met every day.  Our staff work very hard to make sure students are safe, academically challenged, active and are also happy. In addition our Ambassadors attend and encourage students at activities and sports done weekly to give them an understanding of America.  They also teach American and Western Culture to all students.  Our goal is guiding international and U.S. coed students, grades 9-12, on a journey that starts with their high school education and is completed with their ultimate acceptance into many of the top universities and colleges around the United States.
(Erie Bayfront)

PIA is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, which is in the northeast of America.  Most Ivy League schools are located in the northeast as well.  Good academics has always been one of the top primary goals at PIA for both studnets and parents.  One of Erie's big benefits for student academic is it has fewer distractions.  It gives students more focus for studies and school club activities. We believe, compared to other big cities across America, people in Erie are nicer, more traditional, unlike other big cities in "the daily life".  Erie is a great place for kids to adapt to America culture/life as it gives young men and woman more opportunities to experience. We believe Erie is safer than most cities and has great various outdoor activities.  It helps students to get more involved into the community and help the kids to obtain a healthier lifestyle.
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