"My IB experience is already helping me at Swarthmore. I have received advanced placement in French, history, religions, and English, and I have really good study skills and time management skills, so I shouldn’t get too overwhelmed when classes get more hectic. I’m really enjoying my experience at Swarthmore, and I think the IB program played a huge part in my relatively easy transition."

Julia (Zhiyi) Zhu - Class of 2015 Emory University/Advanced Placement

"I believe that the IB program prepared me very well for many of my academic endeavors, especially writing essays and interpreting information in general. I am glad that I pursued the diploma as it has given me an in-depth exposure to an understanding of a wide variety of topics. The IB program has allowed me to connect further with the subjects I am studying at Emory. The intense workload has also prepared me to keep a structured schedule and manage my time wisely. I have met a few other IB students in school, and it has been interesting to talk with them about similarities between our curricula and extended essay topics."

Omene Addeh - Class of 2017 Swarthmore College/Advanced Placement

"Pursuing my IB diploma can easily be considered as the best decision I have made in my high school years at Mercyhurst Prep. Instead of focusing on the apparent benefits of receiving college credits in course palcements once you arrive during your freshman year, I would like to mention how grateful I am for the invaluable skill set and critical thinking ability I have acquired from doing the IB curriculum. The emphasis is not on how many discrete facts and formulas one have memorized for exams, instead, the curriculum focuses on how to understand the broad and underlying concepts and mechanisms. Having recently graduated from Johns Hopkins, I can say that IB education at Mercyhurst has prepared me well for a competitive academic environment that values independent thinking and critical analysis."

Zach Zhao Johns Hopkins


Letters From Government Officials

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